Colin Kubik visits Revival Centre in June 2018 – Ukraine

My nephew, Colin Kubik, son of my brother Eugene, has been unique in his curiosity of his roots.....which happen to be from Ukraine.  He has had a curiosity and passion for Ukraine and that has been enabled by two LifeNets projects in Ukraine.

He has helped with our street children program in Vinogradov in western Ukraine on three mission trips. He also served for a good part of year in 2015-2016 at the "Revival" Centre in Chernihev, Ukraine, which has been LifeNets' first project going back to our first visit 22 year ago in 1996.

Colin is currently in the Peace Corps in Ukraine and has gone back to the Centre for a visit in June, 2018.  Here are few photos and story about his visit from our friend/secretary Natalia Shulha at the Centre:

July 4, 2018

Hello Victor,

Colin Kubik spent a week I mid-June 2018 at the “Revival” Centre in Chernihev.  This coincided with a visit with a volunteer mission of students and lecturers from Ruskin University ( in the United Kingdom.

Colin took part in the activities of the people who came from Anglia Ruskin College --- with the professional medics. He participated in the improvised skits.  He acted as a pharmacist and dispensed vitamins that were called  Здоровин, Отдохнин, Любовдари, Красатин.   He also acted in the speech therapist role.  It was a lot of fun.  Colin is indeed “Ours!”  We’re so thankful for him.

We miss you. We are waiting for you to come to visit our Centre again! Please give greetings to all your friends!

Natalia Shulha

Colin the pharmacist


Colin Kubik with Dr. Vasyl Pasechnik and his wife Natlia Zenchenko

Colin Kubik with secretary Natalia Shulha

Colin the pharmacist