Orphanage in Zambia Report

LifeNets has been helping with the Chilemo Orphanage Club in distant Mufumbwe, Zambia.  We have helped with building poultry raising facilities, boreholes and other aid through Derrick and Cherry Pringle who come all the way from Kitwe.  But, the onsite overseer and director Joseph Kaputula is responsible for the success of the operation through his hard work and commitment.  You can read more about our work here at https://lifenets.org/mufumbwe

Here is a letter that we received from Joseph Kaputula:

April 23, 2018

Greetings from Chilemo OVC

Hello Mr and Mrs Victor Kubik,

I really appreciated your wonderful visit to Mufumbwe. We thank you for officiating at the dedication of the church building in Mufumbwe as well as visiting the people and considering the progress of the Chilemo Orphanage Club. It is most highly appreciated by the members and the community at large. The community has also appreciated not only your visit but also the work and care you have shown for the past years. I really thank Mr and Mrs Pringle for the hard work care and support they always show to the Chilemo Orphanage Club.

Thank you for the scholarships from LifeNets. Because of these scholarships our children in the community who are vulnerable, are getting educated. May God bless them. Through your support, I have managed to run a business of poultry and the little I get out of farming and gardening enables me to support the vulnerable, widows and old people by buying fertilizer to support them in their farming and building simple permanent structures for them in the community.

Buying fertilizer for widow and vulnerable people in the community

Building simple permanent structures for widow and old age people in the community

My Plan

Since I am getting older and cannot do physical work by myself as before, I am planning to have a school in near future. The poultry buildings will be turned into classrooms. Looking at the number of the children in the community who are willing to learn, I see that number is accumulating each year. I thought it will be better if we have our own school. I also planned to build houses for rent as assets for the Chilemo Orphanage Club. The money from these rental shall enable the orphanage to operate as it shall be the source of income. All these plans can only be done if there are enough resources allocated to them and committing ourselves by hard work.

The community and Chilemo Orphanage club has appreciated the support and care you are showing to them and also the development you have brought into the community. May God bless you.

Yours faithfully


Transporting feeds for chickens