LifeNets Wheelchair Report by Mike Kubik

Michael Kubik, our son, manages the LifeNetes Wheelchair Project.  Here is aa brief report about a few of the latest wheelchair matches. He writes:

The source of this story is through a friend of my wife  Alix who has a member in their church that has adopted 9 kids who have various disabilities. The outfitted their home to take care of all of them. She wanted to donate some unused wheelchairs that were collecting dust in her shed, so I came and picked them up a few weeks ago. I then found Sam who works for a mobility company that does charitable work finding chairs for those in need. He knew of a lady with 2 disabled kids that were in desperate need of pediatric wheelchairs/strollers. He came by and picked them up last week to deliver them to this mother in need. Here is a short 40 second clip.