Madzimawe UCG Community Center in Zambia!

September 1, 2021

We received this note from Filius Jere in Zambia:   The project in Madzimawe is nearing completion and we are happy to report this:

"Thank you LifeNets - USA (Beverley and all) for the hall for the Church; thank you LifeNets-Australia (William Eddington etc.) for the solar water facility, ablution block and security infrastructure; thank you Good Works Lena etc.) for the transport and uplifting of the lives of the poor;

"THANK YOU to all who have rendered material, moral and spiritual support to brethren of the United Church of at Madzimawe UCG Community Center, and other parts of eastern Zambia."

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The new building and van courtesy of LifeNets Australia, LifeNets International and Good Works