August 2021 Zambia borehole report from Nawa/Felicia Talama

Felicia and I traveled to go and inspect the three requested boreholes from LifeNets International.

Kindly, be informed that the boreholes at Namukombo, Kasumpa and Lukanga areas were successfully drilled with a sufficient yield of water. The boreholes were handed over to the responsible members of the church namely, Edify Ntitima (Namukombo), Loyd Mulomba ( Kasumpa) and Hendrix Chingunde (Lukanga) respectively.

We inspected and checked that the boreholes were completed, as laymen we were satisfied that the job were well done.

Having said that we took pictures of the boreholes which are attached herewith for your seeing.

We would like to confirm to you also that we took time to inspect the harvest of the brethren. We discovered that the harvest was good and encouraging for this year, 2021.

Hopefully, no one from this area will request for relief food. Pictures were taken from some members (farmers) just to show how much produce they got for this season. 

Rodwell Mbayi in Kasumpa

May we also report that Two (02) members, namely, Rodwell Mbayi and Loyd Mulomba of Kasumpa both donated 09x50kgs of maize (18 bags total) for the 2021 Feast of Tabernacle (FOT) this means that we will not buy mealie-meal for nsima, the traditional food!

 We were also impressed that one of the borehole recipients by the name of Hendrix Chingunde had already started gardening using the new borehole. Pictures are attached hereto. 

Hendrix Chingunde Lukanga area. 

Suffice to say that the boreholes are serving the communities and their livestock in those respective areas. With the gardening activities going on, we think that will help some of them to generate funds for their school going children and also buying groceries for themselves. 

Mulomba’s borehole & LifeNets calves. Kasumpa.

Let us mention that, Zambia is a poor country whose economy is so bad that very few individuals can have money to sink a borehole because boreholes are very expressive to acquire.

In the same vein, allow us to say that, the recipients had asked us to deliver to you and your entire LifeNets staff their hearty gratitude for your kindness, love and generosity for giving them good clean water for their consumption and domestic use.

Madam President, in this regard, on behalf of the recipients, the congregations in this area, we would like to appeal to the donors to continue with their noble cause of donating to the LifeNets Intl as the donations goes a long way in alleviating the sufferings of many less privileged people. The LifeNets Intl has proved to be an asset to the vulnerable and poor people in the Third world countries where funds are sent for numerous activities such as sinking boreholes, relief food scholarships to mention but a few.

God bless you and your LifeNets staff. God bless all the donors who are concerned with the welfare of humanity.

Our warm and sincere regards.

Major and Felicia Talama.