March 13, 2022 LifeNets Aid in Khust, Ukraine

We are devastated about what is happening in Ukraine right now affecting people that we know so personally and have worked with and befriended for more than 30 years.

LifeNets is giving its full support to the greatest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II.

Bev and I have traveled to Ukraine more than 20 times and have not only connections with churches we have worked with in the past as well as our "Revival" Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled Children in Chernihiv.  Also, we have connections in Kyiv with Rotary. All this is so surreal and is heartbreaking beyond words. So many are dying as I write this.  We also have my family living in various parts of the country some of whom we initial contact but have not had in the last few days, namely in Kharkiv.

Some of my phone and internet contacts are not responding, but I still have good connections with Western Ukraine where former ABC student Vladik Yurishko and his family live. They are working with LifeNets in getting aid to people IN UKRAINE. Many are helping the 2.5 million refugees after they leave Ukraine. We are helping INSIDE Ukraine as the war rages.

I will continue to send reports about how we are helping.

Thank you for your support and generosity. Every bit of your aid will go through us to trusted people on the other end. 

Please continue to come back to for continuous updates.

Please recommend LifeNets to your friends as a reliable and able charity that gets aid to the people needing it.

Here is a report from Vladik Yurishko about the latest activity.

March 12, 2022

Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Kubik.

Vladik Yurishko

Today the Ukrainian people are going through a difficult valley of tears. Hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless, some of the homes completely destroyed, destroyed as a result of airstrikes or other actions of the aggressor. And others have left their homes to safely leave areas that are insidiously approaching danger. At this hour, we can't just stand by and watch what happens. Perhaps God has given us peace in our part of Ukraine just to comfort and support the suffering. So I work with family and friends in four areas:

1. The first direction. Dissemination of information that we can take people for temporary accommodation. Then providing people with housing, food, clothing, hygiene (many people in our community are involved in this direction. Brothers and sisters of our community tirelessly receive migrants not only in their homes but also in the house of prayer. And this is a lot of work: emotional support, preparation of food, keeping order on the premises, washing bed linens, sort humanitarian aid, distribute aid among displaced people).

2. The second direction. Support for the local population (those who live where there is no military action at the moment) who have lost their jobs, and the opportunity to earn money to pay for utilities, and some have nothing to buy food for because of this crisis. (This is a category of large families, retirees, families with disabilities, single mothers).

3. The third direction. Search (among acquaintances and in social networks) for houses or properties free for settlement. Arrangement (creation of minimum living conditions), and maintenance (payment of electricity, gas, water supply) of buildings, premises provided by concerned citizens for the temporary accommodation of refugees fleeing explosions, fire and complete destruction.

4. The fourth direction. Meeting migrants from bus stations, trains, and other cities to take them to their destination. Accompaniment to the border and organization of further arrangements in EU countries.

My father Ivan Yurishko and his wife Nina, and I feel called by God to help people. God has been strengthening us. We truly thank you for your prayers and for your interest in our affairs and whether we are safe.

Vladik Yurishko

Below are images showing some of the refugees with the local church in Khust making bunks for refugees as well as a collection of needed items for them.

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