March 13, 2022 Sunday Morning News

March 13, 2022

It is getting more difficult to communicate with some parts of Ukraine.  I can still get through quite well on WhatsApp into Transcarpathia which is indicated by the red dot.  This is the area where the churches we have worked with in the past are found. They are taking in refugees from where there is fighting in other parts of the country.  This is the place where are able to send money through the normal banking system. I spoke with Ivan Yurishko this morning.


The people in this community are banding together to help refugees coming into Khust.  They have turned their church hall into a dormitory to house people who have come in from the East who have lost homes or can no longer live in them.  They are working on resettling them in Transcarpathia.   

This is where we are helping supply money right now to pay for caring for these people with food, shelter, and transportation.  Here are photos of yesterday's church service. You see the beds lining the walls of the church hall.  Ivan Yurishko had printed the UCG Bible Study Course that you may recognize and has been making that literature available to the refugees.

On the next map below you will find the red dot by the city of Chernihiv.  This is where the "Revival" Center of Rehabilitation for children is found. I spoke to pediatrician Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk this morning briefly because we had a bad connection, although I heard him well.  They got bombed again last night. They were at the Rehabilitation Center and the walls shook from the explosion about a mile away.  It is frightening. They are begging us to "Please close the skies!"  The warplanes come over the peaceful civilian population and bomb them. There is a lot of fighting on the ground, too.  Electric power is out but comes back for short periods of time.  There is no water; it has to be trucked in.  

In the midst of this, the doctors work.  They said that there were babies born last night.  How sad that these people are helplessly under a madman's power.  We all feel so helpless.  We did not talk long because they could hardly a word from me, but I heard them well.  

We cannot help yet in this area, but will as soon as it is possible.

Or mail a check to:

LifeNets Ukraine Crisis 2022
1227 Woodchase Trail
Batavia, OH 45103

Either way, please consider a donation now.

You may want to check into corporate matching of your donation.  You may want to speak with the Human Resources Department and see if they have such a program that could easily double your donation.