Loading the Container in Houston 
Friday, February 2, 2001

And Off if Goes to Guatemala!!

The container to Guatemala was loaded on February 2, 2001 starting at 10:00 am. at A.I.M.Controls in Houston by this heroic crew.  Our SPECIAL THANKS to them and especially to Royce Mitchell who provided us warehouse space and Rob Stanchi who kept track of the hundreds of boxes that are finally on their way to Guatemala.  LifeNets sent a total of 510 boxes and items, plus the dental office and  medical equipment.

It was taken to Freeport, TX and will actually be loaded on the ship to sail on Wednesday, Feb 7. From that point it will only take two days to get to Guatemala, but the customs process will take a couple of weeks.

I would like to thank everyone for all the hard work and effort they have put into this project and also to ask for your prayers. Please pray that God will give our shipment his protection and that he will give us favor with the customs  officials. As always with international shipments, a big concern is damage, theft and bribery from corrupt customs officials. Thanks so much for your prayers and as soon as I have an update on the container's progress I will email everyone. Have a great day!

Belinda McCloud


Part of the loading crew.  Royce and 
Susie Mitchell, Alton Dacus and Rob Stanchi

Royce and Susie Mitchell, who gave us 
warehouse space for five months 
to stage the loading

Rob toiling loading  tons of aid

More and more getting loaded

Susie escapes after valiantly helping load

Rob Stanchi behind pallet jack who did 
masterful job of organizing the final consignment 

What the load looked like in the warehouse

Susie behind the forklift

Well done!  All but 8 boxes were loaded (which
 will be shipped to El Salvador)

The doors are closed and the container is on its 
way! It sails from Freeport, Texas on February 7 
and arrives in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala on 
February 12, 2001

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