ABC/LifeNets Guatemala Relief Update

Progress report on the Guatemala Project

October 5, 2000

Cement floor for one of the house. After the floor
is dried each man is going to put wood to cover
the walls. 
Wood in La Tinta is ver
y inexpensive.

October 5, 2000

Progress is continuing to help needy people in Guatemala. 

First some headlines

  • Report
  • UCG members going to Guatemala for the Fall Festival are taking most of the medication that we purchased last month. Some medicine still on back order will go down on the container.
  • Items for the container are arriving in Houston -- pictorial report
  • Denkor Dental Management Corporation in Portland, Oregon donated more than $17,000 worth of dental supplies. Becky Hornor, wife of UCG pastor Noel Hornor who works at Denkor arranged for this fine donation that is being shipped to Houston. This gift will be a fine complement to the entire dental office being shipped from Central Pennsylvania. Details of their donation.
  • Photos of the first concrete floors poured and photos of the container collections in Houston -- see this page
  • Donations since August 26th have been $1080.00 and expenses of $293.49. 

To date, 77 boxes weighing approximately 2,100 pounds, has been received at the storage site in Houston.  This includes all type of clothing, shoes, some bedding, toys and some kitchen equipment.   Also 5 sewing machines have been received, and 10 to 12 more are en-route.  

Approximately  $15,000 retail value of medication has been purchased and part of this shipment is being sent to the storage site, with the remainder being delivered by Christian people traveling to Guatemala.  There are still many items needed to complete this project.  

Please check the updated list off needs (below) for Guatemala to see how you can help impoverished people improve their lives.   Again, our goal is to help provide basic needs, and more importantly, to provide a means of creating income so that people can become self sufficient. 

Cement Floors

As was previously reported, three floors have been poured, two more are financed.  Please take a look at some photos with commentary by pastor Saul Langarica.

This is one of the three houses in which we put 
in a cement floor. This was a great opportunity 
to organize the house, as you can see.

Bread oven. We helped with the necessary funds 
to build this so three of the poorest families of  
La Tinta could generate their own money through 
making bread and selling it.

These three families are some we helped with 
floors for their houses. So now they have cement 
floors and a business to begin.



Financial Report




$2000.00 for concrete floors
$  934.47 for medicine purchase
$  293.49 for shipping 

$3227.96  total 

This leaves us a balance of $3285.04 as of October 5, 2000.  The container will cost about $3000 to ship.  And we want to put in more floors.  So, any continuing support of of this project will be greatly welcomed.  

To help send your tax-deductible contribution to 

LifeNets -- For Guatemala
P.O. Box 88165
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Thank you

Victor Kubik

Belinda McCloud's report: 

Report on the Guatemala Project

Goal of this Project:  The goal of this project is three-fold.  First, to help provide basic needs for UCG brethren living in extreme poverty.  Secondly, to provide a means for members to create their own incomes and become self-sufficient, so that they will not have to rely on church assistance.  Thirdly, as we are able, assist our five UCG doctors in Guatemala to help provide eyeglasses, medicine and medical care to church members who otherwise have no access to medical care.   As the church grows in the area of service, a long-term goal would be to provide services through a medical clinic staffed by our doctors, to help those in the community who have need.  This would be one aspect of fulfilling the commission given to us by Jesus Christ, to love one another and be a light and an example to the world.  Any extra or duplicated items sent to Guatemala at this time, will be sent on to help the brethren in El Salvador, where our next project is scheduled to begin soon.   

What has been done:  A storage site has been set up in Houston, Texas and arrangements and paperwork are in place to ship a 40-foot container to Guatemala.  This is being done through an organization called Convoy of Hope, an organization that specializes in shipping to Guatemala without customs difficulties.  This container is scheduled to ship out around the end of December or January.  Church members, Rob Stanchi and Vince Thompson are overseeing progress in Houston and keeping pallets stacked and organized.  Another UCG member, Warren Ott, is experienced in shipping to El Salvador and is assisting us as well.  

What we have received: To date, 80 boxes weighing approximately 2,100 pounds, have been received at the storage site in Houston.  This includes all type of clothing, shoes, some bedding, toys and some heavy-duty kitchen equipment.   Also 5 sewing machines have been received, and 10 to 12 more are en-route.  Many members will sew clothing to sell as a means of providing income.  Additionally, approximately  $15,000 retail value of medication has been purchased and part of this shipment is being sent to the storage site, with some of the items being delivered by brethren attending the Feast in Guatemala.  Also an entire office of dental equipment has been donated.  This donation includes some very sophisticated and expensive equipment.  There are UCG members graduating dental school this year who will be able to utilize this equipment to set up their own practice.  In turn they will be able to reciprocate by providing dental care for UCG brethren.  CD players have been purchased by members for the six Guatemala churches, and delivered via feast goers, so that each church can play tapes and music in the absence of the minister. 

Improving quality of life: Additionally, three cement floors have been poured in the homes of brethren who previously lived on dirt floors.  The minister there, Saul Langarica, used some of this money to build a brick oven, which these three families are using to bake loaves of bread.  Twice a day, they bake several mini loaves of bread and deliver and sell them fresh in the community.  This small gesture on our part has raised their quality of their lives tremendously and they no longer need to receive church assistance.    

About $1,200 has been sent to do about five more floors.  The number of floors that will be completed varies according to size of the home.

There are still many items needed to complete this project.  Please check the updated list of needs for Guatemala to see how you can help impoverished people improve their lives.  Many items are everyday things most people already have on hand.   

Items that can be used in Guatemala


Cook stoves, electric or gas 
Electric Frying pans 
Griddles, electric or skillet type 
Hot plates
Can Openers, heavy duty electric or manual
Griddle – commercial – can be found for reasonable prices at restaurant auctions
4 burner Gas stove – commercial  - "restaurant auctions“
Single burner gas stove - commercial - “restaurant auctions"
Bread machines - please include instructions on how to make bread from      
Scratch ingredients, to be translated to Spanish. 

Dishes - Pots - Pans - Utensils 

Cooking pots, all sizes 
Frying pans 
Cutting boards
Baking pans all types and sizes
Bread loaf pans – mini loaf pans are requested.  As a business, mini loaves are baked and sold to households fresh twice daily

Dishes - Heavy-duty plastic or Corel type dishes - Plates, serving dishes, cups, saucers, and all types dinnerware

Glasses - durable plastic or Tupperware 
Silverware - Knives, forks, spoons 
Utensils – All types - spoons, slotted spoons, spatulas, knives, ladles, etc 
Large bowls to mix and store things in
Serving bowls and all types mixing bowls

Plastic containers with lids to store things in
Dish towels and dish cloths

Food Items

Canned chicken 
Powdered Milk

Personal Items

Blankets - light 
Sheets, pillows, bedding
Bath towels and wash cloths
Baby clothes - shoes, socks, etc  - Baby diapers
Children's clothes - shoes, socks, etc. - all ages - Adult clothes

For Starting Businesses

Restaurant equipment - see above
Material for making clothes
Buttons and all types of sewing supplies – scissors, thread, needles other sewing supplies needed in order to make and sell items to others

Sewing machines in good working order  

Camp Equipment for Youth Camps

Sleeping Bags, tents, and any type of camping equipment
Youth tennis shoes


Toys for Children

People in Guatemala would not benefit from any type of canning equipment or food dehydrators

Items that have been sent:

#1001               5lbs/Sewing machine supplies                      
#1002              10lbs/Toys                                         
#1003              20lbs/Adult shoes                              
#1004              15lbs/Purses, belts, misc.                 
#1005              50lbs/Men & women's clothes           
#1006              15lbs/Adult clothes                             
#1007              15lbs/kids clothes                              
#1008              5lbs/Baby bottles                               
#1009              10lbs/Baking goods                           
#1010              5lbs/Adult clothes                               
#1011              25lbs/Sewing machine                      
#1012              15lbs/Adult clothes                             
#1013              15lbs/Socks & shoes                         
#1014              10lbs/Toys                                         
#1015              20lbs/Kids clothes                             
#1016              15lbs/Kids & adult shoes                   
#1017              20lbs/Adult shoes                              
#1018              20lbsKids shoes                                
#1019              20lbs/Toys                                         
#1020              25lbs/Sewing materials                     
#1021              20lbs/Sewing materials                     
#1022              55lbs/Adult clothes                             
#1023              30lbs/Teen & adult clothes                
#1024              25lbs/Sewing machine                      
#1025              50lbs/Kids clothes                             
#1026              40lbs/Womens clothes                      
#1027              15lbs/Kids clothes                             
#1028              50lbs/Kids clothes                             
#1029              55lbs/Kids clothes                             
#1030              20lbs/Adult clothes                             
#1031              70lbs/Adult clothes                             
#1032              35lbs/Jackets & sweaters                 
#1033              65lbs/Kids clothes & dresses            
#1034              30lbs/Sewing machine                      
#1035              25lbs/Sewing machine                      
#1037              20lbs/Mens clothes                            
#1038              20lbs/Kids clothes                             
#1039              20lbs/Kids clothes                      
#1040              25lbs/Kids clothes
#1041              25lbs/Mens & kids shoes
#1042              20lbs/Womens clothes
#1043              5lbs/Toys
#1044              15lbs/Misc. clothes
#1045              32lbs/Womens & kids clothes
#1046              20lbs/Baby items
#1047              40lbs/Clothes
#1048              17lbs/Womens clothes
#1049              15lbs/Kids clothes
#1050              25lbs/Mens clothes
#1051              15lbs/Womens clothes/shoes
#1052              25lbs/Womens clothes
#1053              25lbs/Womens clothes/kids shoes
#1054              10lbs/Girls clothes
#1055              10lbs/Womens pants/sweaters
#1056              25lbs/Womens clothes
#1057              16lbs/Baby clothes
#1058              45lbs/Womens clothes
#1059              15lbs/Baby clothes
#1060              22lbs/Womens clothes
#1061              50lbs/Misc. clothes
#1062              35lbs/Shoes & clothes
#1063              55lbs/Sweaters & jeans
#1064              20lbs/Clothes & shoes
#1065              25lbs/Womens clothes
#1066              55lbs/Assorted shoes
#1067              20lbs/Clothes
#1068              20lbs/Clothes
#1069              50lbs/Mens clothes
#1070              25lbs/Womens clothes
#1071              25lbs/Womens clothes &shoes
#1072              10lbs/Sewing machine
#1073              10lbs/Womens pants & sweaters
#1074              25lbs/Womens clothes
#1075              20lbs/Womens clothes
#1076              40lbs/Bedding
#1077              60lbs/Sewing machine w/cabinet
#1078              1  13 in.  Inch heavy-duty steel mixing pot
                     1   set silverware service for 7
                     1   set silverware service for 8
                     1   industrial food portion scale
                     5   Tupperware coffee cups with lids
                     1    reversible mat – multicolored
#1079              1   10 in. divided skillet 

                        1   13 in. griddle – skillet 
                        1   11 in. square electric range burner 
                        1   11 in. heavy-duty restaurant cooking pot 
                        2   12 in. heavy-duty restaurant cooking pots 
                        1   17 in. restaurant colander 
                        1   13 in. electric skillet with lid and cord 
                        1    oven mitt potholder 
                        6    kitchen hand towels 
                        1   1-gallon plastic storage container 

#1080              1   large Rubbermaid storage bin – with lid – 40 gallon size
with wheels 
                        1  electric skillet with lid and cord, and crock pot insert

Industrial Kitchen Aid mixer with attachments  - to be shipped 
 4 heavy-duty steel skillets/griddles                    - to be shipped

  10 to 12 sewing machines are either en-route or to be shipped

1 complete dental office 

2 Dental Chairs                 
2 Dental Lights                                   
1 compressor                                    
2 Stools                                              
Impression trays, various sizes         
9 handpieces                                     
metal 7 plastic matrix bands              
wood wedges                                     
1 Kettle sterilizer                                
1 box disposable needles                  
200 denture teeth                               
1 Vibrator                                            
50 assorted surgical instruments      
gauze pads
cotton pellets                                      
ultrasonic cleaner                              
high intensity lamp                             
Cotton pellet dispensers                    
12 glass mixing cups                         
mixing pads-various sizes                 
1 box face masks                              
1 Curing light                                      
1 Hot water bath                                 
Impression material                           
Articulating paper                               
Absorent points                                  
Prophy angles

2 Dental Drill Units                 
1 Dental Xray machine
2 dental cabinets
200 Capsules filling material
1 autoclave                 
500 burs
bow separator
200 assorted dental instruments
2 boxes shellac base plates
20 impression syringes         
1 Articulator    
Assorted steel and acrylic crowns
Disinfecting tray
3 tubes etch gel
6 glass slabs
saliva ejectors
Xray holders
1 Bead Sterilizer
Curing light glasses
Lead apron
Rubber dams & clamps
Dental stopping
6 instrument trays