United Church of God, an International Association
Apartado Postal 2499, San Salvador, El Salvador
Phone 225-43-08 

San Salvador, April 1, 2001

Mr. Victor Kubik
3707 Turfway Court  
Post Office Box 88165  
Indianapolis, IN 46208

            Mr. Kubik, by means of this letter I wish to inform you that I have received the amount of $2812.00 from you, as economic assistance for the needs of some of the members of the United Church of God in El Salvador who were affected by the three earthquakes that impacted this country during the months of January and February.

Herbert and Conchita Cisneros

I would also like to express my great thanks, and those of the Church, for the enormous assistance sent to Guatemala. For reasons beyond the control of my friend Mr. Saul Langarica, it was impossible to obtain the necessary permits for the customs in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. As a result the container sent by you as assistance for the members in Guatemala was ultimately converted into assistance for the members of the Church in El Salvador. 

We are thankful to God and to the opportune involvement of members and non-members who made possible the granting of the exemption which only the President of the Republic may grant. This exemption has not been granted even to many lawyers and judges, in spite of the circumstances brought about by the earthquake. However it happened, I believe that God was constantly moving the necessary pieces so that everything could be worked out in the best possible way.  

Mr. Kubik, on behalf of all the members of the Church and the non-members who have benefited in any way from LifeNets, please accept our most sincere thanks to everyone involved in this labor of love.  

With gratitude in Christ,  

Herbert Cisneros  


An additional amount of $3,727.50 was sent to Mr. Cisneros from LifeNets which were mostly contributions from UCG members for a total of $6,539.50.