ABC/LifeNets Guatemala Relief Update

Progress report on the Guatemala Project

August 26, 2000

August 26, 2000

We have some encouraging and exciting news to report about our efforts to bring relief to Guatemala.  First the headlines:

Cement Floors

Here is the August 20 report from Saul Langarica sent us. have also spoken to Saul this past week. We are sending $1200 this coming week for at least three more floors to be cemented. 

Hello Belinda, warm greetings from Guatemala!

Again, thanks a lot for your help. God will repay all of you for your generosity.

Yes, in fact we have already finished three houses with the cement floors! My assistant in that area (the congregation is called El Estor) just this week informed me that is finished. I asked him to take photos of the houses before and after the floor was put and he did so. I am planning to visit them this month and will have more information and the photos for you. I normally visit this area about every two months because of the distance. We have in that area about 30 people attending services and  they the poorest of all the congregations so I decided to help them first for which they are just immensely happy and grateful. Those three very poor families came into the church about a year ago. They are very loyal to God even in their poverty. They had no stable job until about a month ago when I decided to help them also with building a brick oven to make bread. They know how to make bread. So now they are double happy since they are able to have a cleaner house with the cement floor and also the three of them are working together in making bread and selling it for living.

The next step is other poor families in the Peten church area. I already asked the future benefited families to go ahead and get ready the floor of their houses to put the cement on. So again, thanks a lot. God be with you.

Dental Office Donated

A complete dental office with chair and all the necessary instruments has been donated to LifeNets.  Since Guatemala is on the same 110 voltage as the United States, we decided to see if they could use the office. Saul Langarica tells me that there are two dental students, one in his third and the other in his fourth year of dental school who could set this up and use it.  This will be a great boost for the people!

Medicine going to Guatemala in October

LifeNets was able to make a purchase of nearly $20,000 retail value of medicine to be taken down by people going to the Fall Festival in Guatemala.  The drugs include large quantities of antibiotics plus medicines for rashes, skin infections, parasites, yeast infections, bladder and urinary infections. We are also sending vitamins.


Our container in Houston is receiving items to be sent over.  We will publish a list of needed items shortly for you to consider.  The estimated time of sending the container will be about January.  We are very thankful for Convoy of Hope partnering with LifeNets in sending this shipment. You can see our earlier write-up about the container by clicking here.


As of today, our collections for this relief mission have been $5,433.00. We want to thank the individual donors and the yard sales in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Cincinnati, Ohio that accounted for 2583.00 of this amount. Every dollar donated to the Guatemala project will go directly to relief aid.  

Our expenses have been:

$2000.00 for concrete floors
$1992.34 for medicine purchase

$3992.34 total 

This leaves us a balance of $1,440.66.  The container will cost about $3000 to ship.  And we want to put in more floors.  So, any continuing support of of this project will be greatly welcomed.  

To help send your tax-deductible contribution to 

LifeNets -- For Guatemala
P.O. Box 88165
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Thank you

Victor Kubik