ABC/LifeNets Guatemala Relief Update

Progress report on the Guatemala Project

November 29, 2000

Saul Langarica writes about two more concrete floors that are going to be put in for poor families.  One in Guatemala City and the other in Peten, 350 miles from Guatemala City.  Concrete work will start immediately.  Here are some photos of the homes that will have the work done.

This is the home in Guatemala City that is 
scheduled next for a concrete floor. The family 
currently lives on a dirt floor.


Also, through the work of Suzan Johns in Pennsylvania, an entire dental office has been donated to LifeNets. It has been transported through the services of Alton Dacus from Pennsylvania to Houston warehouse owned by Royce Mitchell from where the container will leave for Guatemala. 


We are now entering into the second phase of our Guatemala project, as we are closer to having enough items to fill and ship a 40-foot container. At this time there are 12 pallets of much needed humanitarian aid and medical equipment ready to ship.  Six to eight more pallets of items are needed to fill this container.  Please check the list of needed items to see if there is anything that you may be able to donate.  Many of these items are ordinary household items such as silverware, Tupperware storage containers, pots and pans, dishtowels, etc.  If you do find you have some of these items that you no longer use and are able to donate, please try to get these items shipped by UPS to our Houston address as soon as possible. 

We have also learned that some of the brethren who are farmers could really use a farming tool called a "Corn Sheller."   This small tool will help them shelling their dried corn tremendously.   We have contacted our farmer members all over the U.S. to see if anyone has old used ones in good working condition that they can donate.  If you would like to buy a new one and donate it to the brethren in Guatemala, you can buy a new "Corn Sheller" from the following company for $129.00 plus shipping.  Delivery time is one week from the date of the order.  To view this "Corn Sheller" please look on this web site    

        C.S. Bell Company
        P.O. Box 291
        Tiffin, OH 44883 


Many churches and individuals have pulled together to help with the Guatemala Project.  Their efforts are much appreciated.  The Houston church has donated many items and provided much needed support.  Additionally, the San Antonio church, under the direction of Roosevelt Edwards, have donated money for the concrete floors, gathered things for Guatemala as well as for our medical clinic in Africa.  Aaron Dean of Big Sandy, Texas is gathering things as well.  Sue Johns of Pennsylvania was instrumental in the donation of an entire office of Dental equipment.  Numerous other people are spending their time to help the brethren in Guatemala.  Thanks so much to all of the kind and caring people who take their time to help others !

The next Phase of this project will focus our completing the installation of concrete floors in the homes of people who currently have dirt floors.  Check here often to see what we are doing in Guatemala.  

Financial Report


$6943.00 total as of November 29, 2000


$2000.00 for concrete floors
$  934.47 for medicine purchase
$  293.49 for shipping 
$  245.54 for shipping

$3473.36  total as of November 29, 2000

This leaves us a balance of $3469.69 as of November 29, 2000.  The container will cost about $3000 to ship.  And we want to put in more floors.  So, any continuing support of of this project will be greatly welcomed.  

To help, please send your tax-deductible contribution to 

LifeNets -- For Guatemala
1227 Woodchase Trl
Batavia, OH 45103

Thank you

Victor Kubik