March 2001 Photos from El Salvador
Showing the Earthquake and 
Some of the People Affected 

Typical earthquake damage

Temporary  shelter for earthquake victims

Cardboard shacks where people temporarily live

Andrea, Paty and Fabiola

Francisca Polio

This is the Zaldana family of El Salvador who live on the side of the Volcano of San Salvador and lost their homes in the recent earthquake. On the Sabbath they walk a long distance to the bus for Church. They are all wearing clothes from the LifeNets container sent in February, 2001. 

Church Choir sings 

The Ruiz Family  

The Pinto Family

The Orellana Family.  He is a deacon

The Meija Family

The Castro Family

The Marquez Family

The Gavidia Family

The Bautista Family

The Cubias Family

Pastor Herbert and Conchita Cisneros

UCG member and LifeNets representative, 
Roberto Parada, an employee of the El Salvadorian government, provides one free meal a day for children. 

Families that lost their homes in the earthquake

Elder Ortiz and Family

The Ortega Family

The Moreno Family

The Martinez Family

The Guzman Family

The Flores Family

More Castro Family

Cazares Family

The Alvarez Family


Single men in the church