Emma Rendon – Philippines LifeNets Graduate

Here is the story of Emma Rendon, LifeNets Scholarship recipient of Cebu who has graduated and currently teaching with a private school.

Emma Rendon

I am Emma B. Rendon, a LifeNets Scholar from Cebu, Philippines. I am very blessed to be part of this Program since my family can't afford to send me to school.

I just want to share my short story towards success. I lived in one of the provinces of Cebu, Philippines.

I have four siblings with 2 brothers and 2 sisters and I am the youngest among them. My mother has a low educational attainment but she is the best mother in the world. She is loving, caring and a very hard working woman. My father used to be  a fisherman but currently he is no longer working due to old age. He is now 70 year old.

I lived with my parents and my sister who is mentally challenged. Since my three siblings lived in different places to be able to go to school. I don't have any idea why they were living away from home,  I was too young to understand the situation of my family. It was summer when my sister told me to lived with the Villarin family.  They were our neighbors before and now living in the city for good.  I was nine years old at that time and just finished grade three. My sister told me that I  could have a better life if I go with them and live in Cebu City. To be honest, I did not want to leave because I surely miss my family but my sister insisted to do so. And from then, they treated me as as their own family,

They sent me to school but something had happened that all of us cannot avoid. That was the death of my foster mother Lourdes Villarin, a loving and caring woman. After that, I have been through a lot of pain, tears and sacrifice. I realized that the biggest sacrifice I made was being away with my family. And life got tough and more difficult. I was very determined to finish schooling for I know it is the only way to have a better life and be able to help my family.

I have conquered the hardships in life at this time for I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I pray to God that everything will be fine and most especially to my family, hoping that they are healthy and could eat three times a day as possible because I knew what's their situation.

The long wait is over and finally  I graduated with  Bachelor of Elementary major in Preschool last October 2017. And now I am currently working at SMEAG Global ( Smile Means Everything Achieve Goal) in Guadalupe, Cebu City as TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication)  Instructor which is related to my teaching career. I am forever grateful to the people behind LifeNets. This is all because of you. Thank you for making my dream possible. It was a very big help for my family  and I am praying for the success of everyone and more blessings to come. I have learned that prayers can move mountains and God uses people as an instrument  to help me realize my dreams. I will be forever grateful now and forever.

God bless!

Emma Belina Rendon