Latest Bread-baking Ovens Now Manufactured in Ukraine

April 23, 2023

For many the news of the war in Ukraine has gone to the back or out of our minds and out of the news cycle, but the needs and suffering of the people continue in a conflict where no clear end is in sight.  We have had extraordinary support and innovation for the necessity of victims in the war in Ukraine.  

Ivan Yurishko, our Ukrainian LifeNets director has set up a manufacturing process for wood-burning stoves in the village of Rokosova located about five miles west of his home in Khust.  He owns a warehouse where he is manufacturing these stoves.  In the past year, Rokosova has become a ghost town with so many people leaving.  

These stoves are manufactured using a design originating in Romania. We originally bought these stoves in Romania, but now manufacture them ourselves.  Through the winters (which we are relieved has passed!) these stoves not only baked bread, but provided heat as well. 

The work is done by refugees themselves who have fled from the East where there has been fighting.  

Here is a report with photos from Ivan Yurishko: 

Greetings brother Victor!

We manufacture these stoves in Rokosov. Now there is no need to transport from Romania

These are brothers Vladyslav and Eduard from Nikopol, they came from the city where Russia is at war with Ukraine.

They live in Rokosov in the house of Vasyl Pavliy, he provided them with housing for free, and they are good specialists, so they make these ovens for baking bread