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Thanks From LifeNets Recipients in Colombia – November 2018

Read these wonderful notes from LifeNets Scholarship recipient from Colombia.  Great program. We thank all contribute to the LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund! (CAMILA BECERRA) Greetings to all who support the LifeNets program. My name is Andrea Camila Becerra Caballero, I am studying the fourth semester in Technology of Integrated Management System of quality, environment, […]

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LifeNets Chile Scholarship Report

Juan Pablo Rosales Santiago, Chile Hello my name is Juan Pablo and I am currently studying Audio Engineering. I made the decision to choose this career because I liked music since I was a child. When I was older I started recording music and having a registry of my music took me one step closer […]

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Guatemala Scholarship Report – 2018

Thank you so much LifeNets! After a long period of studies, I have finally graduated as a medical doctor and surgeon. I want to express my deep gratitude for all your economic help which has been such a big help. Thanks so much again for helping so many of the youths in the Church pursue […]

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Zimbabwe LifeNets Scholarship Graduation

We are pleased to announce the graduation of Margaret Takeshe in Zimbabwe. This is another successful LifeNets scholarship story.  Margaret will now be working as a school teacher in Zimbabwe. Her husband Fibion Mkandla wrote the following: Thank you very much for all the assistance and prayers you have given us. I am pleased to inform […]

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Zeeryl Joy C. Verde in the Philippines

We are so pleased with this LifeNets scholarship success story from the Philippines. Ms Zeeryl Joy C. Verde is the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Joenel and Ivy Verde from Bacolod City. Zeeryl graduated as a LifeNets scholar last March 2016 taking Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. She successfully passed the Licensure […]

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Zambia – LifeNets Oxen, Sewing Machines, Fertilizer

We received this wonderful photo report from Filius Jere from Chipata in eastern Zambia about LifeNets projects helping people economically.  These photos focus on sewing, oxen and fertilizer. We give special thank to LifeNets Australia for significant funding for this project! Dorcas Daka is wife to Jeff Daka. Both are small-scale farmers who live in […]

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