SE Asia – Ryan Cooper

June 3, 2019

Ryan Cooper lives and works in Vietnam.  He has worked in other places, notably in Cambodia. When in the United States, he attends United Church of God in Terre Haute, Indiana.  He write to us in May 2019:

Greetings from Southeast Asia,

I wanted to share with LifeNets recent activities that have been accomplished through your assistance and my own hands.

Ryan Cooper

I was able to start a chicken farm in the vicinity of Siem Reap, I was uncertain if it would be successful or not and so I didn’t want to share about this endeavor until I received news concerning it. For $100, I was able to help one person become self-sufficient in the countryside. They were able to build chicken housing. The $100 bought 15 chickens, One hen and One rooster. Since then they have been able to purchase one chicken hatchery, along with a basic oppo smart phone. I have been able to see the great pictures of the chickens. They’d like to be able to have another Chicken Hatchery which I have been told is $160. I don’t have any spare funds to continue helping with this endeavour. But I am very happy to know how far my $100 went into providing self-sufficiency.

LifeNets provided a well deserving student with much needed tuition money in Vietnam in the city of Saigon currently known as Ho Chi Minh City. I met this intelligent student since I had been studying here. His English name is Vincent. The semester will coming to a close soon and he’ll need more assistance, I am really hopeful that he has continued to do well in his studies. He can speak English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

I would very much like to visit Kampong Cham again to check on the well, however last time after seeing the well’s completion I became very ill with dysentery. No one has contacted me concerning the well, so I believe that the well is still in excellent condition.

I do very much have a heart for the people of Asia and I hope to continue to do good works with the help of LifeNets. I am very thankful to the good people who support LifeNets in making a well possible in Cambodia and tuition available in Vietnam.

We are here to make a difference, the love of God our frame of reference.

Kind Regards,

Ryan Cooper