Pringle’s in Mufumbwe in mid-May 2018

May 16, 2018

From Cherry Pringle:

Hello, Vic and Bev,

I’ve just sent you a couple of photos from Mufumbwe.  You can see how the stage looked this time – beautifully done again – different from last time – just the real effort that those people make – it was really special, It looked really nice.

Of course, I know Derrick would have told you all the news by now. One of the photos has Samuel Ndungyuyonga being ordained a deacon.  I’ve been praying for that to happen for a long time, so I was especially pleased about that – well deserved and I know he will be a very good one.

Samuel Ndungyuyonga ordination to deacon

Decorations for the stage

Flowers that create Manyinga honey

This picture with the yellow flowers above is quite interesting.Those flowers grow in the trees in that area, and they are required for the bees to make honey. It is the best honey – well, they say in the world – well, I guess the best in Zambia anyway. These flowers were on the floor of the stage as well. They said that it really is the best honey.t is called Manyinga honey.  So on the way home, we looked out for it.  We were told where to look for it and we bought a large bottle and have decanted it and we have eaten some – and it is really lovely! It’s pure. There are no additives or anything added to it and it is absolutely pure. There’s a bottle waiting for you the next time when you guys come.

Righto, then, lots of love….

For more about our work in Mufumbwe go to

Sunrise. Taken from the car just after 6 am the morning we left. Had been travelling 2 hours already. Takes 12 hrs to get to Kafue National Park where we stay

See how handy your LuminAid lights were. On our camping trip. Derrick hung it from an overhanging branch

Early Sunset on the Kafue

Deacons Christopher and Samuel Ndungyuyonga and Joseph Kapatula taken when Vic and Bev visited on April 10, 2018