Water in Zimbabwe!

July 20, 2022

LifeNets has wanted to drill a borehole in Gokwe, Zimbabwe for some time and has been delayed and previously a drilling attempt was unsuccesful.  But, on July 19, 2022 we found water!    This borehole will serve a community of 100 people. Here is a report from senior pastor Lewis VanAusdle:

Water is Found in Gokwe, Zimbabwe July 19, 2022!

Our prayers have been answered!

Last night, in the village of Chemba, the drilling rig hit water at 56.43 meters. This is truly a blessing from God. I’ve attached a few photos and a video of the final moments of drilling. In the video, you can see the excitement from the brethren who were there watching, waiting, and praying.

Our brethren in Zimbabwe are thankful to LifeNets who provided the initial funding for this project, to Good Works who provided the final funding to reach water, to those who have donated to these programs, and to all of you for your prayers.


Lewis VanAusdle

Pastor, United Church of God

NYC, NJ, CT, Malawi, Zimbabwe