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LifeNets Ukraine Emergency Fund

People are asking us how they can help victims of the barbaric actions of Russia on the Ukrainian people.   We have been working with the Ukrainian people for more than 30 years.  We have helped them spiritually and economically. We have traveled to Ukraine countless times and know and love many people there. We have […]

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2023 Thanksgiving Greetings from the Revival Center in Chernihiv, Ukraine

We have worked with these wonderful people since 1996–going on 30 years.  What a journey in helping children from Chernobyl a short distance to the West to now the invasion of Russia from the North where rockets and shelling come within 500 yards of the Revival Center!  But, they took the occasion of Thanksgiving Day […]

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Missions from Western Ukraine to Eastern War Zones

Vladislav Yurishko write this photo report about LifeNets volunteers from Western Ukraine driving to Donetsk and other places in Eastern Ukraine to deliver humanitarian supplied   Greetings dear Mr. and Mrs. Kubik, From October 17 to 22, 2023, volunteers of the LifeNets Foundation (Ivan Prunitsa and Vladimir Chernukha) made a humanitarian trip to the Donetsk […]

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Mapoko, Zambia Borehole

Posted September 18, 2023 We are always excited to see another borehole that provides water for a community. This is a report from Jonathan Litaba through Derrick Pringle to us.  From: Jonathan Litaba   Sent: 08 September 2023 14:39 To: Derrick Pringle   Subject: Re: MAPOKO BOREHOLE FOR MR MONDE ALFRED The journey started on Wednesday morning. […]

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LifeNets Benin Scholarship Outcome: Jean-Paul Ogounlie

Jean-Paul Ogounie finished his master’s degree in 2020 and then obtained his teaching credential in 2021 (Élève Professeur Certifié (EPC)) in Physics and Chemistry.  He teaches at the middle school level (“College”) in French – school children ages 11-14 — in Cotonou, Benin. He currently teaches at « Le CEG DANTOKPA » and « le […]

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Thank you note from Dr. V. Pasichnyk in Chernihiv after missile attack

September 5, 2023 We received this letter of thanks from Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk and his wife Natalia in Chernihiv.  The city center which is only 500 yards from them was hit by a hypersonic missile  Six people were killed, including six-year-old Sofiyka.  114 were injured in this completely senseless attack. The Revival Center is actively […]

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Ngilile, Zambia LifeNets Nursery School

August 20, 2023 We are happy to show you how building a Community Center that has a use as a church meeting hall also serves the community through the week as a pre-school. We thank our leaders in Eastern Zambia for their forward-looking outlook for the community and the expansion of LifeNets support. United Church […]

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