Aid to Angola Drought Victims

On our visit to Luanda, Angola LifeNets made its first humanitarian relief donation on July 29, 2019. The southern province Cunena of Angola has suffered from three years of drought.  This past year has been most acute as crop losses have brought on starvation and death. There are are more than 200 brethren that live in this area.  Their pastor had come to visit us in Luanda on recent July 26-29, 2019 visit and told us about their plight. 

The young people in the Luanda congregations have also organized relief with an outreach group called "Projecto Solidario" for the Cunena Province.  It was heart-warming to see their own people involved so heavily in the relief efforts. They were wearing t-shirts  with this message on the Sabbath when we were there.

There are 45 members living in the drought zone, but they are helping others than members, too.  They said "members," but then said that that involved 220 people with children. 

We gave $400 to Fernando Macai for drought relief and food for the town of Ondjiba in the Cunene province.  There has been three years of drought and no rain last year.  This is the same geographical zone that our drought in Zambia and Zimbabwe is found. We had assisted in this area, too, and that story is at

LifeNets President Beverly Kubik Donating for Drought Relief in Southern Angola

Angola young people's outreach group to aid drought victims

Ondjiba is located just north of the border with Namibia

Fernando Macai from Ondjiba