Zimbabwe food delivery

Here is a report from Mike Mukarati in Zimbabwe about food deliveries from us.....

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 11:00 AM Michael Mukarati <mikemuk@zol.co.zw> wrote:

From August 3 to 6 I travelled to Manoti in rural Gokwe to deliver the second batch of Food to our brethren there. As before, I travelled by car up to Gokwe town and then proceeded by public transport to Manoti which is the main business centre for our brethren who live about 30 kilometres from there in Chemba area.

Owing to power outages and resultant telecommunication blackout I failed to meet with Vensen Moyo at Manoti as in the previous visit. I was nevertheless able to get the job done, being procurement and delivery of the following food items by hired truck to Chemba:

  • · One tonne maize
  • · 60kg brown sugar
  • · 24 x 2litre bottles of cooking oil.


All the food relief cost $440 including hire of transport from Manoti to Chemba. Other cost incurred include fuel cost, accommodation and meals as per attached schedule.

Owing to absence of banks in rural Gokwe and general difficulties with withdrawal of cash, there is no option but for me to actually travel the nearly one thousand kilometre journey from Mutare to Manoti to effect delivery.

This trip I only claimed fuel costs for my vehicle and bus fare for the final lag from Gokwe town to Manoti. Fuel is in short supply and costs as much as US$1.50 per litre.

Our drought relief account is now in the negative as per attached schedule. We will therefore require further funding to be able to deliver the next batch within the next six or so weeks.

I have attached a picture of the mini bus I used to travel from Gokwe town to Manoti. See how heavily laden it is!

The 90 kilometre journey from Gokwe town to Manoti took us six hour from 6pm to 12 midnight.

Best regards and many thanks for the support,