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LifeNets has worked in Zambia since 2000

We have provided cattle, agricultural support, food security, scholarships, boreholes, orphan support and more!

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"Revival" Centre near Chernobyl, Ukraine

We have provided support for this Centre since 1996. It has become a premier center for helping children living about 30 miles east of Chernobyl in Chernihev, Ukraine. 


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Maloca of Moscou Project in Northern Brazil

Providing Water, Scholarships, and Agricultural Support. Also mosquito nets.

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What We Do

Education, Food Security, Water, Orphans, Agriculture, Cattle, Livelihood, Habitat, Wheelchairs, Clinics, Schools and much more….


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Update on Cattle and Goat Projects in Kenya

Several years ago, LifeNets helped in Kenya with the raising of Cattle and goats.  We had earlier reported the implementation of these projects.  This can be viewed here https://www.lifenets.org/kenyacattle/ https://lifenets.org/kenyagoats/ For us, it’s always interesting to see what the long-term outcomes are.  I was assured that the projects were self-sustaining and still benefiting recipients.

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Orphanage in Zambia Report

LifeNets has been helping with the Chilemo Orphanage Club in distant Mufumbwe, Zambia.  We have helped with building poultry raising facilities, boreholes and other aid through Derrick and Cherry Pringle who come all the way from Kitwe.  But, the onsite overseer and director Joseph Kaputula is responsible for the success of the operation through his hard […]

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Helping in Khust, Ukraine

Vladislav Yurishko and a young adults group in Khust, Ukraine have been helping disadvantaged people in their community from 2016 to 2018.  They have helped in the town of Khust and in the village of Kriva Here are some photos and descriptions of their activity.  Financing in large part has been provided by LifeNets. Vladislav […]

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Chipata, Zambia Sewing Machine Project

The Sewing Project for UCG Women in Chipata, Zambia First, we give special thank to LifeNets Australia for significant funding for this project! Filius Jere, our LIfeNets representative in eastern Zambia write this report about a project that truly fulfills LifeNets’ mission in helping people rise to a higher status in skill and self-sustainability: The […]

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Dorica Chiumbuzo Malawi Scholarship Graduate and New Job!

Dan Ringo, LifeNets business manager in Blantyre, Malawi sends this report of another successful LifeNets Scholarship outcome!  She has not only graduated but has gotten a job in the hospitality business. “Dorica Chiumbuzo at her graduation ceremony that took last week 25 May 2018. “Dorica received her diploma certificate in food production. Thanks to LifeNets […]

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Pringle’s in Mufumbwe in mid-May 2018

May 16, 2018 From Cherry Pringle: Hello, Vic and Bev, I’ve just sent you a couple of photos from Mufumbwe.  You can see how the stage looked this time – beautifully done again – different from last time – just the real effort that those people make – it was really special, It looked really […]

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