“Touchpoint” Project for the Disabled by Musicians in Tallinn, Estonia

From Artur Aleksandrov, project manager of “Touchpoint” 

Another season of our arts social project has come and gone and we have much to be thankful for! For open doors, for open hearts, for happy smiles and glowing eyes, for words of welcome and sighs of wonder, ennoblement, tender feelings and comfort from the wondrous touch of music.

A few professional musicians, a few music students, and a few disabled people came together to prepare, participate and complete a series of concerts in social and health care institutions around Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. This season we managed, with God's help, to conduct six concerts with our program called “My dear home, my cherished family.”

Performing a touching song!

Well done lads! Now congrats and a bow.

Overall, the June concerts went quite well! Our audience (around 150 people altogether) was satisfied, expressed praise and gratitude, leaders of institutions desire to welcome us again when we prepare a new concert program! Music students had the opportunity to hone their skills, musically able people with a disability had a venue to use their talent and work with professional musicians and receive material help… and scores of elderly, disabled, lonely, ill people enjoyed worthwhile cultural events and received emotional refreshment from our concerts filled with positive messages and sounds, delivered with care.

The theme of the concerts was My sweet home, my dear family."  As usual, my violinist Adventist friend was involved as well. This is one of the ways we put our talents to good use to be lights in our community and bear fruit for the glory of God. Our concert provides extra means for disabled musicians or music students, as well as an emotional blessing for many through the therapeutic effect of a good live music program.

The concerts were free of charge for our visitors and included multiple languages, styles, and musicians. Instilling this positive theme into our listener's hearts is what's important. Music can do this through emotion.

Thank you very much, LifeNets, for helping us make this summer social endeavor happen!  I am truly blessed by your trust and support as I look for ways to make a change for the better in the lives of people in my community through the power and beauty of music.

May the gracious God abundantly bless and keep LifeNets!